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Donato Lanati

Donato Lanati

Donato Lanati

Donato Lanati rose to fame as an enologist and scientist thanks to the unique approach to research and scientific study that he employs at the Enosis research center. The center, which he created, is dedicated to one goal: raise the quality of wine through the application of strict scientific methods.

Studying and teaching have always played a significant role Donato Lanati’s life. After graduating from the department of agricultural sciences at the University of Turin he became a member of that very same faculty, where he taught graduate and post-graduate students for over 17 years.

Today, as an expert in enology, he is a valued member of OIV (International Organization of Vine and Wine). He works intensively as a wine consultant not only in Italy but abroad. Recent projects have taken him to Georgia, Switzerland, Romania and Kazakhstan. He is firmly convinced that in order to imbue wine with a strong sense of identity (by optimally matching grape varieties to the diverse types of geology found in terroirs and winegrowing area), training and instruction must be given to those working in the vineyards and in the wineries. It is by their hands, after all, that the wines are produced. He considers human knowhow allied to scientific research the winning formula, guaranteeing greater brand reliability and ensuring that the wine responses not only to the expectations of the times, but also the tastes and demands of winelovers and consumers.

For Lanati, wine is the product of a rural agrarian culture defined and refined over the centuries. His contribution to the science of ecology has led to numerous plaudits and awards.

What drives him is simple – a burning desire to unlock the secrets of the grape, while also mastering the alchemy necessary to transform the spirit and essence of the grapevine into the contents of a glass.

He has written a book based on his university lectures with illustrations by Ellekappa. He is the author and co-author of numerous other books and studies. As a young man he often found himself astride a motorbike, competing in motocross rallies and competitions. Later, the goal posts were ably defended during his goalkeeping days.

Nowadays, thanks to his passion for flying, you are more likely to find him behind the controls of a helicopter.