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Flower Scented petals

By combining knowledge, expertise and creativity, Donato Lanati has managed to transfer the organoleptic properties of wine into an original, direct and intuitive representation.

And so Mister Wine, Lady Wine and the Enosis Flower came to be.

"Creativity and imagination have allowed me to transmogrify the emotion of scent into the shape of a flower, where the petals represent the classes of fragrances, while the leaves are proportionate to the aromas that will be expressed later in time" D.L.


A flower to represent the aromas of wine.

The different classes of perceptible fragrances were represented with petals, while the leaves express the precursors of the perfumes that will eventually reveal themselves over time.


This method enables an understanding of the aromas perceived in the present and those that will be perceived with aging, allowing one to identify, today, what will be a great wine tomorrow.

Their size varies according to the amount of scents present.


This is the method used daily by Enosis to compare the complex aromatic picture of the wines of the companies.

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