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PI Glass

"When tasting a wine, it is important to be able to capture the emotions of the season, time and energy of the terroir in which it is embedded." D.L.

The Meraviglia and Pi-Greco glasses have been designed and shaped to fully appreciate the characteristics of the wines. Starting from the study of precise geometries, calculated on the volatility of the molecules that express the bouquet; on their movement in the head space between the surface of the wine and the lip of the glass; and on their tendency to escape or remain in the glass itself, two innovative and visually appealing glasses with an original design were then modelled.

SPUMANTE GLASS π (for sparkling wines, the Glass of the Universe)
"Making the invisible visible" L.D.

The PIGRECO Sparkling Wine Glass was created using shapes and dimensions suggested by the three universal parameters with which the Universe was designed.

The departure was the symbol of the golden ratio present in every significant form of Nature, the value of which was reproduced in the height of the glass (1.62 cm). We then took into consideration π (Pigreco), as a parameter that characterizes the circle, an image of the Universe and Transcendence (3.14), and Ѵ2, the parameter that is identified with the diagonal of the square, and the image of man, the indispensable element that stabilizes it (1,4142). From the value obtained, the base diameter of 70 mm, the numbers of its reciprocal were used.

The maximum diameter of the glass takes up that of its base, while the universal constant (109), corresponding to the ratio between the diameter of the Sun and that of the Earth, was used to define the diameter of the mouth of the glass.

At the bottom of the stem, fully exploited in its capacity, originate the bubbles which, rise exuberantly, testifying vivaciously to the mission entrusted to them; to bring joy to man.

The small size of the glass guarantees the ideal temperature of the wine.


Calice Pigreco is that place where bubbles, manifesting themselves seamlessly, become the real protagonists of the sensations that interact between Man and Wine.

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