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“I would not change Monferrato with any other paradise in the world.

This land has given a strong value to my life and to the meaning to each day. I would not have been able to realise my dream elsewhere”. D.L.

Monferrato, an ancient land of marquisates, castles, mysticism, landscapes and legends, is a territory of singular beauty, whose forms and splendour have been shaped, over the centuries, by the expert industriousness of farmers, artisans, artists and poets.

Entering Monferrato means being transported into a land of unpredictable and wild dimensions, ever changing, never still and impossible to take for granted; capable of surprising and astounding, at every turn.  Having traversed its gentle ridges, harmonious scenarios of unparalleled serenity are revealed to the eye.


The architecture, characterized by imposing fortifications and elegant stately homes, soaring bell towers, Romanesque churches, Baroque buildings, churches, sanctuaries and cathedrals, bears witness to a patrimony of power, art and spirituality.

The landscape, a true masterpiece of nature and the work of mankind, is defined by orderly crops and vineyards and golden fields of cereal crops, interspersed with relaxing meadows and lush forests. The presence of Tuber Magnatum Pico (prized white truffles), together with the generosity of flora and fauna, all represent a confirmation of the healthiness of this environment. The people of Monferrato, industrious and discreet, have handed down, proudly from generation to generation, the ancestral wisdom of their fathers and the wealth of their lands.

All this is Monferrato, whose uniqueness and beauty of its landscapes, since 2014, have been recognized in the World Heritage Site, with the Langhe-Roero-Monferrato Winemaking region.



A journey through the wine-growing panoramas of the area

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