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Once upon a time there was Genesis, the British group comprising Peter Gabriel and Phil Collins, at the time the new frontier of progressive rock.

In the same spirit, Genesis is born, the robot-winemaker, opening the world of oenology to new winemaking experiences.

Conceived and designed by Donato Lanati to manage the winemaking process in the Enosis experimental cellar. Thanks to the technology enclosed in the body-head, Genesis is able to interact the grapes with the yeast, bringing out its Genius loci.

Genesis is a response to the winemaker's desire to study and design the optimal winemaking process, dedicated to a particular grape variety.

With a truncated conical shape, similar to wooden vats, Genesis is made up of 2 distinct parts, joined by a sort of umbilical cord. All this and much more make it an versatile protagonist, capable of carrying out classic or innovative winemaking.

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