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By combining knowledge, expertise and creativity, Donato Lanati has managed to transfer the organoleptic properties of wine into an original, direct and intuitive representation.

And so Mister Wine, Lady Wine and the Enosis Flower came to be.

"Mister Wine is the man of wine and the land" D.L.

Mister Wine and Lady Wine represent the molecules that characterize TASTE, transmitting, immediately, the gustatory peculiarities of the wine. The size of the figures compared together, allows for an awareness of the structural content of the wines under consideration, compared to the standard model.


Mister Wine, man of wine and the land, guarantees:


•    High quality

•    food safety

•    origin traceability

•    respect for the environment


Wine represents an important component for the economic mosaic of a country, and the objective of the producer, in addition to that of maintaining the well-being of his terroir, is to express to the maximum its varietal nature and satisfy the expectations of the consumer.


In addition to food safety and the maintenance of high-quality standards, in all price ranges, the consumer must have certainties and guarantees, such as: constancy, transparency and traceability; concepts that make up the BRAND that, in turn becomes its own point of reference.

Mister Wine is a registered trademark of Certainty.

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