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Donato Lanati

He has achieved fame as an oenologist-scientist, thanks to his working method which is based on scientific research combined with respect for the land and man's involvement in it.

Dora Marchi

Considered the right arm of Donato Lanati, she is Technical Director, head of the quality control laboratory and is responsible for working relationships between Enosis and the various companies it works with.

The Group

"To produce quality wines, human quality is essential". DL


Enosis has one goal; to guarantee quality wines. Structured working methods are applied in Enosis, aimed at enhancing the characteristics of the vines and the land, improving wine production, and safeguarding the terroir, which is its true wealth.


To this end, Enosis employs a staff of the highest quality, chosen from agronomists, biochemists, and biologists who, together, interpret the terroir through a scientific approach.


The working environment is stimulated by Enosis Meraviglia, nestling among the Monferrato hills and vineyards, designated a UNESCO World Heritage Landscape.

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