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Dora Marchi, biologist - oenologist

Considered the right arm of Donato Lanati, she is Technical Director, head of the quality control laboratory and is responsible for working relationships between Enosis and the various companies it works with.


Born in S. Casciano in Val di Pesa in the province of Florence, after graduating in Biology and Oenology, she worked for 12 years at Antinori in Tuscany, then moved to Piedmont; for the last 20 years, she has collaborated with Enosis.

She was a teacher of varietal oenology in 1st and 2nd level Degree courses in Viticulture and Oenology of the University of Turin.

She has a role in the OIV Technology Commission of the OIV (International Organization of Wine and Vine), as a biological expert and oenologist.

She is an honorary member of the ONAV, of the Brotherhood of the Musketeers of Armagnac and of the Order of the Chevaliers of Tastevin - Clos Vougeot.

In Enosis she is the Technical Director and Head of the Quality Control Laboratory, she is also responsible for face-to-face contact with outside agencies and companies.

She loves teaching and, for this reason, she is also involved in the training of cellar technicians from the various companies.

Her passion is research.

She is interested in microbiology, sensorial analysis of grapes, the study of cork stoppers and alternative methods of closure.

As for her tastes in wines, she prefers rosés, which she has researched extensively.

She also loves Pinot Noir and native Italian and world varietal wines.

She is an avid advocate of non-interventionist oenology, based on a profound knowledge of the varietals, starting from the primary and secondary metabolites of the grape.

She conducts research on the natural antioxidants of grapes and wine, on hydroxycinnamic acids and on flavanols, with the aim of reducing sulphites in wines; she also carries out studies on quercetin.

She is the author and co-author of numerous publications, including:

2003 La Revue des Oenologues N.106 - January "Composès volatils des bouchons de liège";

2004 Vitenda - "Will cork stay afloat?". Caps question. Donato Lanati and Dora Marchi;

2004 The Winemaker - July - August 2004 "Use of enzymatic preparations and tannins in red winemaking", D. Marchi, Giacomo Mazza and Erika Barbieri;

2004 Vineyards and Wines n ° 9 - "Use of enzymes for skin maceration in white grapes", G. Mazza, D. Marchi, Patrizia Cascio and Paola Manassero;

2005 Vitenda - "New Zealand and its wine: Non solo Sauvignon", D. Marchi;

2006 Vitenda - "Varietal oenology and innovation", D. Marchi;

2007 Vitenda - "Enfant terrible", D. Marchi;

2008 Vitenda - "Secondary metabolites in clonal selection in Sicily and Calabria" D. Marchi;

2013 The Agricultural informant - N.11 / 2013 "Knowing the natives to optimize winemaking" - D. Lanati, D. Marchi and G, Mazza;

2013 The agricultural informant - N.11 / 2013 "Clonal selection enhances Gaglioppo and sweet Magliocco", Franco Mannini, Giacomo Mollo, D. Santini, G. Mazza, P. Cascio and D. Marchi.


2010 - 33rd OIV Georgia Congress "Georgian white wines in amphora", D. Lanati, D. Marchi and G. Mazza.

2011 - 34th OIV Portugal Congress "New tracking and tracing prospectives for the oenological chain valorisation" L. Bertacchi, C. Durante, D. Lanati, A. Marchetti and D. Marchi;

2011 - 34th OIV Portugal Congress "Evolution of the anthocyanin profile of wines obtained from Nebbiolo grapes grown in Piedmont", D. Lanati, D. Marchi and G. Mazza;

2012 - 35th OIV Turkey Congress "Influence of climatic trends on the profile and synthesis of anthocyanins".

2013 - 36th OIV Romania Congress "Effect of partial dealcoholation on the color and aromatic expression of red wines", D. Lanati, D. Marchi and G. Mazza.

2014 - 37th World Congress of Vine and Wine and 12th General Assembly of the OIV - Argentina "Precipitate of Quercetin in wines", D. Lanati, D. Marchi and Patrizia Cascio

2017 - 40th World Congress of Vine and Wine OIV - Bulgaria "The measurement of colour as a discriminant in the quality control of red wines" D. Marchi

2019 - 42nd World Congress of Vine and Wine OIV - Geneve Switzerland "Influence of peeling on the synthesis of quercetin in Sangiovese. Further acquisitions on quercetin precipitates in wines "and" Composition in anthocyanins and flavonols of wines produced in Switzerland "

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