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In my personal life, I was lucky enough to be what I always dreamed of being: a winemaker. Fortunate also in my profession life, having had the opportunity to work with the very best well-known producers.


From this fortuitous union which has become study, commitment and craft, allied with the experience gained from both  large and small international producers, I have dedicated myself to research and passion, not to create my own business, but rather to understand and produce better wines all over the world .


To encourage research, for more than 30 years, with the staff of Enosis, I have studied the main Italian vine varietals, planted in the Varietals Collection Garden of Fubine, in Monferrato, where we produce 15 thousand litres of wine, obtained from a surface of about 3,5 ha.

In these grapes, every year, we incessantly invest our capital of knowledge and experience, seeking within them an elevated dialogue in order to achieve the fullest interpretation of the terroir and its varietal wines.


But for a special product, an equally special name was needed.

It all started with the nephew of a good Abruzzese producer who, having noted the large wooden sculpture of Collodi's puppet placed at the entrance of Enosis exclaimed: "Pisopo" and not Pinocchio.

That nickname struck me and, immediately, I had the name printed on the label of our wine.

The Pinocchios represented on the label are intentionally two in that, in the construction of the Italian and English linguistic phrase, two negations can express a truth.

Here is the metaphor: two Pinocchios (lie-denial) express our oenological truth.

Moreover, the story of Pinocchio has always fascinated me, because of the Talking Cricket, an image of conscience, impossible to ignore.


We had the best wine, the original label as well and ... Pisopo was born!

The magic of an all Monferrato fairy tale.

Donato Lanati

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