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He has achieved fame as an oenologist-scientist, thanks to his working method which is based on scientific research combined with respect for the land and man's involvement in it.


The aim of The Enosis Research Centre is to create high quality wines using a scientific methodology.


After graduating in Agricultural Sciences, with a specialization in Viticulture and Oenology at the University of Turin, he was professor of Wine Technology for 17 years in first and second level degree courses.


He is a member of the OIV (International Organization of Vine and Wine) in his role as an expert for the Oenology Commission.

He carries out intense consultancy work in Italy and particularly abroad, in Georgia, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan and Chile.

The accolade of Best Dry White Wine in the world was bestowed on him for the category of single grape variety (2019).


He is convinced that the most effective method to equip wines with a strong terroir and varietal identity is in the training of the vineyard and cellar staff; the true architects of wine production.


He considers the union of research and sensitivity as the best means to gain space and time, giving greater reliability to the brand, and, most importantly, satisfying the consumers who, because of their various tastes and intrinsic curiosities, are the true protagonist in the supply chain.


Wines for him are the product of the culture of an agricultural civilization.


His passion has always been to understand what lies at the heart of the grape and the means to transfer the syntheses it contains to the glass.


If he had not become an oenologist, he would have been an entomologist.


He played in goal for the National Wine Team.


He has practiced motocross since he was a teenager, a passion that has led him to participate in various Italian and World Championships. In 2019 he participated in an event at the Six Days of Enduro Vintage in Portugal.


He is the author and co-author of numerous publications (the list can be found on the "publications" page).

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